What is right?

Kimo Williams

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Āina i ka Pono

"The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."

This has been the official Hawai'ian motto since 1843. The "life of the land" represents the belief that the land and everything on it or in it, including the people, are of one source.

In Kahunaism (Huna), all personal power or "Mana" is a function of being pono. Your health, your family's health, your ability to heal, your ability to win in battle, your ability to lead is a direct result of being pono.

John Charlot described the role of pono in the reign of the Mō‘ī (supreme ruler/Ali'i Nui).

"Pono is a key word in Hawaiian politico-religious literature and has been defined very widely from moral righteousness to a correctness in practical terms that leads to success. In Hawaiian thinking, pono seems to incorporate both aspects: the right person must act rightly for the proper effect."

Pono is more than a belief that you are right. It is a knowledge that you are true. This means that you must transcend the thoughts and emotions of the moment and tap-in to an aspect of yourself that is immutable. An aspect that is both virtuous and timeless.

This represents your intuitive nature. Your "gut" feelings. That sense of right and wrong that has nothing to do with your reason and everything to do with what you know in your heart is right. That is the domain of truth and that is pono.

To have guilt is to not be pono (pono'le). To have resentment is to not be pono. To have judgement is to not be pono. To have conflict is to not be pono. To have resistance to change is to not be pono.

To be Pono is to be true. For all that truth entails and provides: Goodness, uprightness, morality, just, virtuous, fair, correct or proper procedure, excellence.

Pono is accordance. To be in accord with others, and with your environment, is to hold no self-serving thoughts. To be in accordance is to appreciate your connection to the environment and all "things" in it. In this appreciation resides the gift of "Ola"... life. To maintain this connection is to increase your life-force (Mana) and grant you health and the power to heal.

Pono is alignment. To be aligned is to be unified in your person. Your spirit body (kino aka), your mental body (mana'o) and your higher-self (Uhane) are together in the "Now" and are unified through intention.

This is it. From the standpoint of all great paths, Danzan being one, you have realized your true potential. You are pono. You are potent. You are complete.

To act and to be pono is to have a clear channel to your higher self. It requires awareness of self-serving and self-aggrandizing thoughts and behavior. In other words, you need to separate you from your thoughts. Meditate and learn to know who you are outside of who you think you are.

The way of the Warrior-Healer is the Danzan way. Develop the courage to seek the truth and clear the path to your higher-knowledge.

In this completion you will indeed become what you were always meant to be.