The essence of the way

Kimo Williams


As with the Chinese phrase "Wu Wei", the idea of Ju suggests non-action or more accurately, non-resistance.

The purpose of Ju or Wu wei, is to not interfere with the movement of the Tao, or the "nature of things." The Tao is the flow. It is not created and it does not govern. All things arise in it of their own accord. All things are integrated and interdependent. From the standpoint of Karma, acting in complete accord with the Tao ends the "wheel" of debt.

Therefore your practice of Ju in the arts should be a study in the flow and interdependence of movement and mind. Opposing nothing. Forcing nothing. Being neither weak nor strong. Finding your physical technique in accord with the action of your training partner.

In life, watch that you not oppose the action taken upon you with resistant emotional energy. Witness that which IS without judgement and realize that your resistance is connected to your self-identity more than to your REAL self.

On the mat, make your physical center (Wuji) small and swivel around it to maintain balance and structure. In life, make your EGO small and swivel your mind to maintain composer and calm.

Ju is flexible, gentle, pliable, non-resistant. Ju flows seeking the path of least resistance. Ju is neither weak nor strong. Neither hard nor soft.

Ju is the middle way. The balance between the extremes. The line between Yin and Yang.

Practicing the arts of Ju is the way to effortless technique.

Living the path of non-resistance is the way to peace, joy and health