Nature of Resistance

Understanding why

Kimo Williams

To fight without resistance is Ju.

To relate without resistance is Aloha.

To live without resistance is Freedom.

The study of Jujitsu; the arts of non-resistance, is an awakening to the constant presence of resistance in our daily lives.

We wake in the morning and resist getting up. We get on the freeway and resist anyone cutting in ahead. We get to work and resist anyone who might be in line for our "possible" promotion. All of these represent mental and emotional resistance that we experience as "stress."

So why are we so stressed? Fear. What do we fear? Pain. How do we avoid pain? Resist.

This looping pattern of behavior traps nearly all of us for the majority of our lives. It effects our health, our relationships and our ultimate potential.

How do we handle the unpredictable in Danzan training? On the mat you've learned that the "keys to the house" lay in accepting. You've learned that the force necessary to execute a technique avails itself in the attack itself. Your job is to be sensitive enough to protect your center and flow at the proper moment. It's going to happen... Accept it.

Danzan teaches us to accept the unknown with a state of blissful calm. To trust that no matter what happens, your true self will prevail. Simply free yourself from fear and flow around conflict.

Awareness of your true-self provides the confidence to meet all challenges with fearless acceptance.

Life is constantly trying to give you what you need to execute your next move. Stop resisting, you might just feel the flow of it all. And when you go with the flow, good things flow to you.