Forgiveness and power

Kimo Williams

When you are born, you are as a bowl of light, empty yet full. As you mature you "collect" resentments and guilt like so many stones. As your bowl fills with stones your light begins to dim and vibrancy wanes. Soon relationships become strained and health begins to slip. The symptoms may be many but the cause is singular. We must empty our bowls of the heavy stones and restore the light we were born to be.

While this is my paraphrasing of an old Hawaiian proverb, it is fundamentally accurate. In order to maintain our Mana (power or vibrancy) we must keep our psyche free from emotional debt. In order to maintain our health and happiness in life, we must keep and grow our mana.

Kala is releasing, letting go. Kala is freeing, pardoning and forgiving. Kala is key to our understanding of health and well being. Kala is light!

In Ho'oponopono, we work to harmonize our relationship to people including family, friends, spouses. enemies, as well as relationships to things like food, money, environment etc. To kala a relationship for the betterment of all is to forgive the person their imperfection as a human while perhaps still condemning the action. Forgive the "original light" of that person and release the negative emotion that you carry. Just as importantly, we must ask for forgiveness in cases where someone resents us for something we did, even if we didn't mean any harm and don't see it the same way.

"Aka" is the energy that binds us to all relationships. Energy travels and exchanges along that connection and effects us in ways we can't consciously perceive. To keep your connections clear is to make sure that your health is not being effected by other's that are still connected to you.

Sound silly?

Kala is consistent with saying a prayer before bed, asking forgiveness for our trespasses and for those whom have trespassed against us. Kala is the rush of power you feel when you make up with your spouse after a long period of resentment or break up. Kala is the freedom you feel when you are debt free in every way imaginable.

Kala is realizing that resentment towards another doesn't punish them for their action, it only serves to punish ourselves by maintaining the connection to a negative emotion. Kala is letting go and being free of attachments to fear-based thoughts.

To kala is to start over with no guilt, resentment, anger, frustration or fear. To shine as you did when the universe was new.